Southern Issue

The Gulf Cooperation Council implementation mechanism and the National Dialogue Conference’s Technical Committee have placed a strong emphasis on addressing Yemen’s Southern issue.

The working group tasked with addressing the Southern Issue will attempt to discuss and make significant progress in the following areas: the fundamental nature of north-south relations in Yemen; confidence-building measures; the causes of southern grievances; procedures by which property can be returned to rightful owners and the matter of increasing job opportunities and development in the south; and the nature and distribution of state structures in north and south Yemen.


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Group Leadership

Mohammed Ali Ahmed, Chairperson

Bilqis Al-Lahabi, Vice Chairperson

Mohammed Ali Abulohom, Second Vice Chairperson

Shafi’a Al-Abd, Rapporteur

Group Members

Abdul-Razak Ahmad Abdul Razak Al-Hajeri

Ali Hussein Othman Ashal

Mohamed Mohamed Qahtan Qaed

Abdullah Noman Mohammed Al-Kadasi

Mohammed Ahmed Bin Ahmed Al-Afif

Ahmed Saleh Ahmed Ogrom

Ahmed Saleh Abdullah Al-Guena

Tamam Mohammad Ali Basharaheel

Khaled Ibrahim Ahmed Ba Modhaf

Radheia Shamsher Wajid Ali

Saad al-Din Ali Bin Taleb

Saleh Abdul Haq Thabi Ali

Abdul Hakim Abdullah Darwish Al-Azibai

Ali Saeed Shalma Al-Awadhi

Kassem Othman Ahmed Al-Daeri

Lutfi Jaafar Shatara

Mohammed Ali Ahmed Sheikh

Mohammed Ali Salem Al-Shaddadi

Mokebel Nasser Omar Lakreish

Mohammed Abdullah Awadh Al-Dagheri

Shafea Mohammed Al-Abed

Abdul Rahman Omar Al-Saqqaf

Qaderi Ahmad Haidar

Ali Mohammed Ahmed Al-Maamari

Ahmed Obaid Mubarak bin Dagher

Ahmad Mohammed Yahya al-Kahlani

Nasser Nasser Abdullah Al-Noseri

Nabil Sadiq Ali Mohsen Basha

Yasser Ahmed Salem Al-Awadi

Mahmoud Abdel Kader Abdullah Al-Junied

Mohammad Ali Aboulohum

Ali Abed Rabbo Al-Awadi

Mohammad Musa Al-Ameri

Nadia Abdullah Mokebel Al-Akhram

Nasser bin Ahmad Abbad Sharif

Amani Ahmed Hassan Al-Makhedhi

Balkis Ali Saleh Al-Lahbi

Ibrahim Malik Yahya Shokaa Al-Din

Ali Hassan Behedr

Latest News

NDC Third Plenary Session Reviews Southern Issue Working Group's Final Report
/ 11 January 2014
The NDC Third Plenary Session reviewed on Saturday in a meeting headed by NDC Vice President Abdul-Kareem Al-Eryani the final report of the Southern Issue Working Group, named “Solutions and Guarantees.”
UK: Signing of Just Solution Document to Solve Southern Issue is Historic Achievement and Step Towards a Bright Future for Yemen
/ 10 January 2014
On Friday the British government considered the signing of the Just Solution document to solve the southern issue to be a historic achievement and a step towards a bright future for Yemen.
Yemeni Parliament and Shura Council Welcome Signing of Just Solution Document to Solve Southern Issue
/ 9 January 2014
Yemeni Parliament and the Shura Council welcomed on Thursday the signing of the Just Solution document to solve the southern issue, which was signed by all Yemeni components participating in the NDC.
Group of Ten Countries Sponsoring Gulf Initiative Welcome Signing of Just Solution Document to Solve Southern Issue
/ 9 January 2014
In a statement to state-run Saba News Agency, the ten countries sponsoring the Gulf initiative representing the five permanent members of the Security Council, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the European Union, welcomed on Thursday the signing of the Just
NDC Secretary General: All Political Components Singed the Just Solution Document in Order to Solve the Southern Issue
/ 8 January 2014
NDC Secretary General Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak announced on Wednesday that all political components participating in the NDC have signed the Just Solution document in order to solve the southern issue.