Comprehensive and Sustainable Development


The Comprehensive Development Working Group will tackle a broad range of issues directly concerned with Yemen’s development as a nation.

The promotion of economic development in Yemen will be discussed in detail, with attention paid to such matters as cooperation with international development agencies and donors and support for small businesses and microfinance enterprises. Close attention will also be paid to the roles of the private sector, civil society organizations and individuals in terms of comprehensive development efforts.

With regard to Yemen’s health and education sectors, infrastructural challenges and development needs will be addressed.

Above all, the Comprehensive Development Working Group will aim to promote development in Yemen which is comprehensive, integrated and sustainable in nature.

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Group Leadership

Ahmed Abu Bakr Bazara, Chairperson

Najat Juman, Vice Chairperson

Murad Al-Halmi, Second Vice Chairperson

Mohammed Ali bin Talib, Rapporteur


Group Members

Intesar Mohammed Abdu Numan

Al-khadher Salem Mohammed Helis

Amna Mohammed Mashaov Al-Aslami

Insaf Ali Mohamed Mayo

Faiza Muthana Abdullah Al-Basha

Mohammed Ahmed Al-Afandi

Fadwa Rejeb Mubarak Museibah

Hadi Mohamed Awad Ba Jobeer

Adel Abbas Fara Fadhel

Mohammed Saeed Dhafer Al-Shami

Mayada Askari Hadjiran Farah

Nashwa Ali Abdrabuh Al-Qadhi

Ashjan Shurayh Ahmed Ali

Bahia Hassan Mohamed Al-Saqqaf

Hassan Ali Saleh Al-Ameri

Riadh Yassin Abdullah

Ziad Ahmed Abdullah Al-Abed

Abdul Rahman Saleh Abdul Rahman Al-Samti

Ali Ahmed al-Saed Al-Walidi

Omar Dahman Ba Shrahil

Jamal Ali Hojeri

Labib Abdul Aziz Ibrahim

Mahmoud Nasser Amdheb Salem

Murad Ali Mohamed Al-Halimi

Yasmine Saleh Mohammed Al-Fatimi

Thuria Salem Mojmal Hassan Al-Nesri

Abdul Khleq Abdul Majid Abdu Mohamed

Aiban Mohamed Abdul Rahman Al-Samei

Wafaa al-Saed Abu Bakar

Basma Ibrahim Ahmed Ba Madhaf

Oras Sultan Naji Mohammed Naji

Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah Sofan

Jaber Abdullah Ghalib Al-Wahbani

Julaidan Mahmmoud Hamid Julaidan

Jamal Abdul Khaliq Ali Al-Khawlaani

Hafedh Fakher Mohammed Qaed Maiad

Hassan Mohamed Yahya Abdul Razak

Aida Hassan Ashour Abdullah

Abdul Rahman Mohammed Abdullah Ali Al-Akwa

Abdul Aziz Saleh Bin Habtoor

Abdul Malik Suleiman Mohammed Al-Malimi

Fahad Hamoud Mohammed Abu Ras

Bushra Ahmed Abdullah Al-Dhorafi

Ali Ali Yahya Al-Emad

Lamia Ahmed Yahya Al-Mahdi

Huda Abdullah Salem Al-Yafai

Huda Ali Abdul Latif Al-Ban

Aus Ahmed Abdullah Hadi Al-Awlaki

Abdul Majid Naji Qaed Al-Hanash

Melok Mohsen Ali Al-Fadhli

Nazih Abdul Aziz Ahmed Al-Shaebi

Mohamed Salem Akoush

Ahmed Mosaed Hussein Hydra

Aum al-Khair Abdullah Ahmad Al-Saedi

Khaled Rajah Sheikh Dawood

Ramzia Abbas Al-Iryani

Mohammed Mohammed Abdul Wasea Al-Tayeb

Merfat Fadhel Hassen Magali

Wajedi Shafiq Aman

Etraf Moslem Ali Ba Far

Fadhel Ali Mohammed Al-Awadhi

Fouad Qaed Ahmd Al-Hudhaifi

Mohammad Ali Salimeen bin Taleb

Maha Hussain al-Sayed Mohammed

Nasser Mohammed Abdul Aziz Thwaba

Al-Khansa Abdul Rahman Anwar Al-Shebi

Arwa Yahya Hassan Al-Reram

Afrah Ali Mohammed Saif

Rania Naguib Fadhel Ahmed

Seham Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Qasim

Hiam Taleb Saleh Al-Karmoshi

Ahmed Abu Bakar Bazaraa

Seham Hussein Farid Ahmed

Faisal Saeed Faraa

Mariam Mohammad Muslim Al-Salimi

Najat Mohammed Jumaan

Wadia Ahmed Goban


Latest News

NDC's Comprehensive Development hands over its final report to Consensus Committee
/ 19 September 2013
Members of the NDC's Comprehensive Development Working Group approved on Thursday on the group's decisions and outcomes of the second plenary session.
Development Group votes, approves 310 NDC outcomes
/ 18 September 2013
The NDC's Development Working Group voted on legal and constitutional specifics of its subcommittees on Wednesday.
NDC Working Group hosts executive director of Hadhramout & Mahra Rebuilding Fund
/ 15 September 2013
On Sunday, the NDC’s Development Working Group hosted Abdullah Motafi, the Executive Director of the Hadhramaut and Mahra Rebuilding Fund. Motafi provided the group’s members with a detailed description of the fund’s activities and achievements, as well as challenges it has faced while carrying out...
Development Working Group members receive lecture on management styles
/ 9 September 2013
On Monday, members of the NDC's Comprehensive Development Working Group received a lecture form Khaled Abdul Rahman Al-Akwa on management systems, performance evaluations, and success indicators in public institutions. A large portion of the lecture’s content focused on different management styles and...
Development group subcommittee members complete discussion of constitutional proposals
/ 19 August 2013
On Monday, mini-committees from the NDC’s Development Working Group completed discussions of development-related guidelines and items concerned with the issuance of executive decisions during Yemen’s transitional period. The group members’ intention is for the items to be integrated into...