Sa’ada Issue


Members of the Sa’ada Issue Working Group will discuss and attempt to diffuse sources of tension in the northern Yemeni governorate of Sa’ada. An importance will also be placed on the fostering of a varied and insightful understanding of the historical roots of problems in Sa’ada.

At the same time, the working group’s members will endeavor to provide tangible, meaningful responses to the needs of Sa’ada’s citizens.

Possible ways to ease tensions and promote a climate of trust will be outlined, and efforts will be made to have the concerns and demands of Sa'ada's citizens reflected in Yemen’s new constitution. 

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Group Leadership

Nabila Al-Zubair, Chairperson

Abdulhamid Huraiz, First Vice Chairperson

Khalid Amin Al-Ghaish, Second Vice Chairperson

Wahib Hassan Khadabish, Rapporteur

Group Members

Badr Gibran Salei Al-manaqi

Sadiq Abdullah Hussein Al-Ahmar

Abdullah Ali Ali Saiter

Mabkhout Abboud Rabia Al-Sharif

Mohammed Massad Ahmed Al-radai,

Mohamed Mokbel Ahmed Al-Zaalai,

Abdul Hamid Ahmad Ali Hariz

Ali Yaslem Said Baawwadh

Abdul Hadi Hammoud Hadi Al-Amiri

Ghalib Abdullah Massad Matleq Hadian

Mohamed Abdel Kader Omer Al-jafra

Wahib Mohammed Ali Obaid Eisaei,

Wael Abdul Hakim Mansser Al-Khaeli

Fadel Mohammed Hussein al-Gaedi

Mohammad Dhaifallah Hashem

Yahia Mansour Abu Asba

Hussein Ali Abed Rabbo Hazeb

Zaid Mohamed Mohamed Yahya Abu Ali

Saleh Abdullah Saleh Abu Auajja

Faiez Abdullah Hams Al-Ogerai

Fethiye Abdullah Ali Al-Attab,

Mohsen Ali Naji Al-Naqib

Ali Sheif Ahmed Hussein

Akhlaq Abdulrahman Ali Al-Shami

Amat al-Mojeeb Hammoud Naji Al-Qahom,

Ahmed bin Saleh Taher Al-Maneai

Hassan Abdulrahman Mohammed al-Hamran

Rdainah Mohamed Ahmed Jahaf

Sadiq Mohammed Ali Al-Gebr

Abdulsalam Mahmoud Mahdi Jahaf

Abdulkarim Ahmed Jedban Ali

Faisal Ahmed Qaed Haider

Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Al-Kebli

Ali Nasser Qaed Al-Bekheti

Hana Ali Abdullah Hashim Al-Alwai

Yahya Badr al-Din Amir Al-Din Al-Houthi

Mohammed Eida Mahdi Shbiba

Abdullah Ahmad Hussein Al-Kibsi

Mohammed Abdullah Al-Gaefi

Mohamed Mohamed Hassan Al-Qaz

Izzi Hibat Allah Ali Shreim

Jamila Ali Mohamed Raja

Abdo Mehdi Hassan Al-Aedla

Hossam Abdalhabib Al-Shargabi

Khalid Amin Ahmed Al- Ghish

Waheeb Hassen Ahmed Khadbaish

Shrafa Hussein Mohamed Al-Serbi

Nabila Mohsen Ali Al-Zober

Ahmed Himd Himd Al-Materi 

Latest News

NDC Sa'ada Issue Working Group mourns Jadbaan
/ 24 November 2013
Members of the NDC Sa'ada Issue Working Group released a statement on Sunday expressing their grief over the loss of Yemeni Parliament member and NDC representative Abdul Kareem Jadbaan on Friday.
Saada Issue Working Group approves final report
/ 9 November 2013
The Saada Issue Working Group approved its final report on Saturday which included 59 constitutional specifics and decisions. The group approved the submission of the report to the NDC Presidency.
Saada Issue final report approved
/ 7 November 2013
The Sa’ada Issue Working Group sub-committee has approved the group’s final report. All factions within the group approved the report except for the General People’s Congress (GPC).
Ssada Issue solution committee to finish discussions on Monday
/ 3 November 2013
Chairperson of the NDC Sa’ada Issue Working Group, Nabila Al-Zubair, said Monday will be the final deadline for the committee to finish discussions and to refer the final report to working group members for a vote.
Sa’ada Issue group to vote on Sa'ada solutions Tuesday
/ 26 October 2013
Members of the NDC Sa'ada Issue Working Group committee agreed to vote on proposed solutions on 29 October.