National Issues & Transitional Justice


The National Issues and Transitional Justice Working Group will work to ensure an end to human rights abuses and breaches of international law in Yemen.

The group’s members will also make every effort to outline the steps needed for the themes of national reconciliation and transitional justice to become Yemeni realities.

Among the specific points which will be discussed and addressed are support for the victims of human rights abuses, their families included; the provision of compensation for those who have suffered losses and damages as a result of injustices; and the introduction of constitutional and legal safeguards which aim to prevent the occurrence of human rights violations.

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Group Leadership

Abdulbari Dughaish, Chairperson

Tayeba Barakat, Vice Chairperson

Alya’a Faisal Abdulatif, Second Vice Chairperson

Shatha Al-Harazi, Rapporteur

Group Members

Olfat Mohammed Abdul Wali Abdullah Al-Dobai

Bedor Ahmed Al-Faqih Saleh

Arwa Ahmed Ali Wabel

Abdul Aziz Mohammed Al-Hamza Mohammed

Abdul Nasser Hussein Ali Bahabib

Fadhel Afif Ali Radhwan

Mohamed Zain Ahmed Gaafar

Haiat Ahmed Salim Hakami

Samah Faisal Mahmoud Radman

Abdu Ghalib Qaed Saleh Al-Adini

Ali Abdullah Saeed Al-Dhalai

Dheif Allah Saleh Al-Matari

Ahmed Saeed Jamaan Balhaf

Hussein Ahmed Nasser Saada

Hussein Mohammed Arab

Saleh Hafidh Abdullah Al-Selmai

Hussein Ahmed Abdullah Al-Dareb

Fahmi Awad Yasllem Badhaoui

Fahmi Nasser Abdullah Al-Saqqaf

Mohamed Hashem Farea Mokebel

Abdullah Ali Nasher

Mona Saleh Abdullah Elewa

Hani Abdul Hameed Karad

Mohammed Khaled Ghulam Hassan

Hamedan Muthana Massad Al-Hekeb

Tyba Mohammed Naji Barakat   

Alia Feisal Abdul Latef Al-Shaebi

Nasser Ali Jamil

Motlek Abdul Jalil Othman Al-akhali

Yahya Mohamed Ali Al-Shami

Abdul Bari Abdullah Doeish Abdullah

Ahmad Nasser Saeed Gerfush,

Abdul Karim Saleh Shaif Ahmed

Ali Mohammed Mohammed Ahmed Al-Mekdshi

Awad Mohammed Abdullah al-Awlaki

Fayza Ahmad Saleh al-Akel

Faeka al-Saeed Ahmed Ba'alawy

Qasim Mohammed Qasim Al-Kesdi,

Mohammed Ahmed Saeed Ahmed Al-Zwaidi

Mohammed bin Naji Abdul Aziz Shayef

Mohammed Abdo Yahya Murad

Najeebeh Mohammed Motaher Al-Areki

Yahya Abdullah Saleh Doad

Abdulkarim Mohammed Yahya Al-Khaiwani

Abdullah Hassan Motaher Al-Wishilai

Fauzia Abdul Wahab Yahya Al-Shehri

Yamin Saleh Saeed Baymin

Ahmed Mohamed Nasser Ahmed

Amal Musleh Mohsen Al-Sayadi

Ahmed Awad Ahmed Alabtrh

Qasim Saeed Salam

Najeebeh Abdulsalam Ahmed Al-Asbahi

Abubakar Abdulrahman Al-Saqqaf

Ahmed Saleh Saif Al-Masabi

Ahmed Mohammed Qatabai,

Khalid Abdulla Ahmed Khalil

Abdulqawi Rashad Al-Shabei

Ali Salem Al-Khadhmai

Ali Saif Hassan Saleh Al-dhalai

Maddah Mohammed Ahmed Awadh

Yahya Saleh Al-Maori

Naji Abdul Aziz Al-Shayef

Amera Ali Saleh Al-Aerasi

Entisar Ali Abed Rabbo Al-Gadhai

Baraa Abdulla Sharaf Shiban

Hussam Mustafa Salam Qasim

Hamza Amin Ali Al Kamali

Shadha Hussein Abbas Al-Harazi

Elham Ali Salam Saeed

Asrar Abdullah Ahmad Abbad

Bahria Shamsher Ali Wajid Ali

Samira Ali Qnaf Zehera

Afra Khaled Ibrahim Al-Hariri

Honod Rashad Ahmad Hussein

Saleh Ali Abdullah Al-Baidhani

Abbas Ismail Ishaac

Ali al-Haythami Abdullah

Fadhel Nasser Hydra Mekwa

Mohamed Fadhel Al-dobahi

Mohammed Mohammed Nasser Al-Awlaki

Latest News

Third Plenary Session Continues Hearing Comments on Transitional Justice Working Group's Final Report
/ 7 January 2014
The Third Plenary Session continued on Tuesday a meeting headed by NDC Vice President Yassin Makkawi, hearing comments from the Transitional Justice Working Group's chairperson Abdulbari Dughaish on notes of political components.
NDC Third Plenary Session Continues Hearing Comments on Final Report of Transitional Justice
/ 5 January 2014
The NDC Third Plenary Session continued on Sunday in a session led by Mohamed Qahtan. The session heard comments on the Final Report of Transitional Justice.
NDC Members Praise Final Report of Transitional Justice Working Group
/ 4 January 2014
NDC members highly valued the final report of the NDC National Issues and Transitional Justice Working Group presented on Saturday to the NDC Third Plenary Session. They also praised all efforts made by the group's members which reached an historic consensus.
NDC Third Plenary Session Completes Reviewing Final Report of National Issues and Transitional Justice Working Group and Hears Comments on Final Report
/ 4 January 2014
The NDC Third Plenary Session completed on Saturday reviewing the final report of the National Issues and Transitional Justice Working Group and heard comments from NDC members on its 126 constitutional specifics and decisions.
NDC Third Plenary Session Reviews Final Report of National Issues and Transitional Justice
/ 1 January 2014
The NDC third plenary session continued its work on Wednesday in a meeting lead by NDC Vice President Sultan al-Atwani.