The drafting of a new Yemeni constitution will be central to the aims of the National Dialogue Conference. While all nine NDC working groups will provide direct input towards the drafting of the new constitution, the State-Building Working Group will have a central role in organizing and facilitating the process.

In deciding how to go about preparing to draft a new constitution, the following key points will be taken into account:  the most useful and relevant examples of foreign nations’ constitution-drafting experiences; Yemen’s own constitution-drafting experience; options regarding the type of body or committee which will be responsible for drafting the constitution, including the body’s membership and operations; and the manner in which the public will be informed of the constitution-drafting process.

A key aspect of the process will be the consideration of multiple options regarding state structures - including the presidential versus parliamentary systems, centralized versus decentralized systems, and the structure of local government institutions.

Considerable efforts will be made to explore ways in which the constitution can guarantee equality among citizens and respect for diversity, as well as basic rights and human rights, with a special emphasis on the rights of women, children, minorities and vulnerable and marginalized groups. 

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Group Leadership

Mohammed Ali Marim, Chairperson

Ali Abu Hulaiqa, Vice Chairperson

Rana Ghanem, Second Chairperson

Khalid Tawfik Awbali, Rapporteur

Group Members

Ahmed Ali Ali Kalaz

Arwa Khaled Fadhel Mansour

Ahmed Ziben Mubarak Attia

Dena Yassin Mahmoud Al-Dobai

Moteb Mubarak Saleh Baziad

Mohammad Naji Saleh Allow

Mansour Aziz al-Zindani

Rana Ahmed Ghanem

Abdul Rashid Abdel Hafez Abdel Wasea Said

Abdul Malik Abdul Jalil Ali al-Mikhlafi

Ahmad Al-Shaer Ba Sardh

Ahmed Yassin Abdullah Slimani

Badr Mohammed Mubarak Ba Salma

Saleh Ali Omar Ba Ssourra

Ali Abdel Karim Mohammed Murshid

Mohammed Ali Nasser Mohammed

Abubakar Abdul Razak Ba Dheb

Arwa Ahmed Mohamed Al-Hayal

Hassan Shukri Zeyar Al-Sharafi

Abdul Karim Kassem Damaj

Abu Bakr Abdullah Al-Qirbi

Ahmed Ahmed Abdullah Al-Maisari

Ahmed Abdul Karim Saif Al-Masabi

Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah Rizk Al-Zuhairi

Khalid Abdulla Alawi Al-Jafari

Amer Saad Ali Kalashat

Abdel Aziz Ahmed Mohamed Al-Bokeer

Ali Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah Abu Helika

Kahlan Mujahid Abu Shwareb

Mohammed Hussein Ahmed Al-Idaroos

Yahya Mohamed Abdullah al-Shu'aybi

Ahmed Abdul Rahman Hassan Sharaf Al-Din

Ahmed Abdullah Ali Akabat

Fadhel Mohammed Mohammed Ahmed Al-Motaa

Abdel Wahed Mohamed Abdel Wahed Al-Sharafi

Abdul Wahab Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al-Homaiqani

Abdulaziz Ahmed Ali Al-Jabbari

Intisar Khaled Omar Abdullah

Amat Al Alim Alsoswa

Khaled Abdel Wahed Numan

Saeed Abdullah Hussein Yafie

Mohammed Ali Abdullah Marem

Nasr Taha Mustafa

Balkis Abdullah Abdo Seif Al-Abdali

Khaled Tawfik Ali Al-Obeli

Sahar Mohamed Abdul-Jabbar Ghanem

Sultan Muhammad Ali Al-Rdaai

Amal Mohammed Abbas Basha

Thuria Amin Qasim Damaj

Nihal Naji Ali Al-Awlaki

Nabila Mohammed Ismail Al-Mufti

Ali Ahmed Ali Blkhaddr

Ali Ahmed bin Shaba

Faeda Mohammed Abdullah Al-Asbahi

Kamal Abdel-Qader Taib Abdel Rahman Ba Makhrama


Latest News

NDC Third Plenary Session Continues Hearing Comments on the State-Building Working Group's Final Report
/ 31 December 2013
The NDC third plenary session continued on Tuesday to hear comments on the State-Building Working Group's final report in a meeting headed by NDC Vice President Abdul-Kareem Al-Eryani. The report was presented on Sunday.
NDC Third plenary Session Hears Comments on State-Building Working Group's Final Report
/ 30 December 2013
The NDC third plenary session heard comments on the State-Building Working Group's final report on Monday. The report was presented on Sunday.
NDC State-Building Working Group Completes Discussing its Final Report
/ 24 December 2013
Members of the NDC State-Building working group completed on Thursday the discussion of the group's final report after adopting notes and recommendations of the group's members.
State-Building Working Group Forms Subcommittee to Draft Final Report
/ 23 December 2013
Members of the NDC State-Building Working Group discussed on Monday a draft of the group's final report, which includes decisions and recommendations from the second plenary session.
NDC State-Building Working Group Submits Suggestion for Source of Legislation and Identity of State to President Hadi
/ 22 December 2013
Members of the NDC State-Building Working Group submitted on Sunday two suggestions concerning the source of legislation and the identity of the state to President Hadi due to the lack of a quorum within the group's members.