Good Governance


The NDC Working Group tasked with addressing the good governance theme will focus on a number of ways in which Yemen’s government can redevelop its relationship with - and best provide for the needs of - the nation’s citizens.

Key topics which affect the relationship between Yemen’s citizens and their government will be discussed and explored, including:  the balance of authority and responsibility; the enforcement of accountability and transparency measures; the achievement of justice and equality; anti-corruption measures; equal opportunity among citizens; and the competence of public administrations.

The forces which have the potential to shape the identity of a ‘new Yemen’ will be defined and discussed. Among the topics which will be addressed are the foundations of Yemen’s foreign policy, the roles of political parties and civil society organizations, and efforts to expand popular participation in politics.

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Group Leadership

Afrah Badowailan, Chairperson

Mohammed Al-Saeedi, Vice Chairperson

Ahmed Al-Asbahi, Second Vice Chairperson

Halima Jahaf, Rapporteur

Group Members

Aisha Ali Yusuf Harba

Fouad Hassan Abdakadir Al-Humairi

Mohsen Ahmed Saeed Bin Shamlan

Mokhtar Mohamed Saeed bin Oedh

Saleh Abdul Habib Naseb Heyabak

Ali Abdullah Mohammed Azzan

Mohammed Yahya Abdullah Al-Sabri

Ali Muhammad Ali Al-Agamah

Samira Khamis Obaid Mohamed

Mohamed Hassan Said Halbob

Mohammed Saleh Mohammed Al-Ssadi

Nizar Abdullah Nasser Ba Sohib

Abubakar Abdulkadir Abdulrahman Ba Rajaa

Shafika Morshid Ahmed Hammadi

Mohammad Qasim al-Thour

Said Salem Saad Ba Hakiba

Sultan Saeed Abdullah al-barkani

Abdulaziz Ahmed Salim Crow

Abdo Mohammed Radman Rafea

Fatima Abdullah Abdullah Al-Khatri

Nasser Mohsen Ba'oum

Salim Ahmed Said Al-Khanbashi

Salah Musleh Saleh Al-Sayadi

Mohammed Abdullah Ghanim Ali Abu Ghanem

Nasr Hassan Mohamed Nasr Al-Baadani

Abdul Wali Mohammed Yahya Al-Baher

Abdullah Ali Saleh Sabri

Hussein Hammoud Derham Al-Izzi

Halima Abdullah Nasser Jahaf

Qasim Ali Qasim Qaban

Aidroos Abubakar Ba Zaraa

Ahmed Mohammed Abdulmalik Al-Asbahi

Jalal Nasser Ali Obadi

Abdul Ghani Nasr Al-Shamiri

Abdul Karim Yahya Rasea

Mohamed Saleh Ahmed Jomih

Mohamed Abdelmageed Kabati

Amal Ali Maknon Ketaei

Sumaya Ahmed Ali Al-Hussam

Badr Salem Saad Kalshat

Mubarak Abdulrahman Mubarak Al-Bahar

Afrah Mohammed Saleh Ba Dawilan  

Amat Al-Rahman Ahmad Yahya Othman

Khadija Ali Nasser Elewa

Nelly Abdul Qadir Naji Ali

Issam Saleh Abdullah Al-Qaisi

Fatimah Qahtan Salam

Faiza Ahmad Al-Mutawakkil

Faisal Ahmed Mohsen Al-Khulaifi

Latest News

NDC Good Governance Working Group approves new immunity, political isolation decision draft
/ 11 November 2013
The Good Governance Working Group reached consensus on a new immunity and political isolation decision draft on Monday. The new draft included requirements or conditions for candidates for the positions of the president of the republic, premier, chiefs of legislative chambers, leaders of political parties and other top posts in the country.
NDC committee considers redrafting decision on political isolation
/ 7 November 2013
On Thursday, the Good Governance Working Group sub-committee opened discussion on the Consensus Committee’s request to redraft the decision on immunity in the Gulf Initiative and on political isolation.
NDC's Good Governance Working Group approves final report
/ 3 October 2013
The NDC Good Governance Working Group approved its final report on Thursday, with the exception of the group’s GPC and Ansar Allah members.
Good Governance Working Group adjourns voting on group's final report
/ 2 October 2013
Members of the NDC's Good Governance Working Group postponed on Wednesday the vote on the group’s final report until Thursday.
Good Governance Working Group modifies specific in final report draft
/ 29 September 2013
The NDC Good Governance Working Group on Sunday changed the previously approved legal specific, calling for communications privacy and freedom, to a constitutional specific.