Military and Security


The working group tasked with discussing and making decisions on Yemeni military and security issues will attempt to pave the way for a refashioned and professional national army.

A focus will be placed on developing the identity of Yemen’s military and addressing such topics as the military’s role in Yemeni political life and the question of how Yemen’s sovereignty can best be protected.

Matters of direct concern to citizens, such as the military’s presence in cities and at checkpoints, will also be addressed by the working group’s members.

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Group Leadership

Yahya Al-Shami, Chairperson

Nasser Al-Tawil, Vice Chairperson

Lisa Haidra, Second Vice Chairperson

Fahd Dahshoush, Rapporteur

Group Members

Fathel Said Atef Said

Shaker Hassan Ahmed Al-Hitari

Ali Saleh Shwtif

Hamid Ghaleb Ali Al-Khledi

Mohammed Massad Said Al-Salami

Hatem Ali Hadi Abu Hatem

Fathel Nasser Amtheeb Salem

Mohammed Abdullah Abdul Qawi

Abdullah Hassan al-Nakhebi

Ali Hassan Zaki

Mohammed Abdullah bin Nohed Al-Nohedi

Mohammed Hussein Ali Hussein Al-Marmi

Mohamed Nasser Awad Saleh Al-Mosalami

Murad Hassan Blaim

Mohammed Abdullah Rakan

Mohammed Ghalib Ahmed

Mohammed  Mokbal Ali Al-Hemiari

Rashad Mohammed Ali Al-Alimi

Sagher Hamoud Ahmed Aziz bin Aziz

Abdullah Ahmed Dhaifallah Mogidea

Awad Abdullah Awad Hatem

Qasim Muhammad Ghalib Laboza

Lahasson Saleh Musleh Qasim

Hezam Mohammed Yahya Al-Assad

Zakaria Yahya Mohammed Al-Shami

Abdul Wahid Naji Mohammed Abu Ras

Muhammad Tahir Anaem Fara

Yahya Mohammed Al-Shami

Ahmed Abadi Hassan Al-Moaker

Sufian Mohammad Sufian Al-Amari

Adel Ahmed Ali Al Moqedah

Fahd Meftah Sagher Al-Dahshoosh

Nasser Bakel Hezam Al-Tomirh

Haider bin Saleh Al-Hebeli

Saif bin Mohammed Fathel al-Azibi

Ali Abdullah al-Salal

Ali Abdrabuh Dheifallah Al-Kadhi

Mujahid bin Mujahid Abdullah Al-Qohali

Mohammed Nasser Al-Bokhiti

Nasser Saleh Abdul Qawi Salem Al-Tawil

Abdullah Ali Hassan Hadhal

Lisa Hydra Mohamed Salem Al-Hassani

Mujib Al-Rahman Hussein Mohammed Naji

Wadha  Morshid Hezam Al-Rimi

Yusra Ali Ali Al-Dhalaai

Somia Ahmed Saleh Al-Qarmi

Saleh Qassem Abdullah Omar Al-Mundhiri

Saqr Abdul Aziz Ahmad Al-Samowi

Wafaa Al-Saed Ahmad


Latest News

NDC Secretary General Meets Governor of Marib
/ 1 January 2014
NDC Secretary General Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak met on Thursday morning with the Governor of Marib governorate, Sheikh Sultan al-Arada.
Military and Security Working Group approves final report
/ 3 October 2013
Members of the NDC Military and Security Working Group approved the group’s final report on Thursday.
Military and Security Working Group approves final report
/ 24 September 2013
The NDC’s Military and Security Working Group approved its final report Tuesday which will be submitted the NDC’s final plenary session, expected later this month.
2027 NDC Military and Security group approves constitutional, legal specifics for final report
/ 23 September 2013
The NDC’s Military and Security Working Group approved 19 constitutional specifics and 50 legal specifics to be submitted to the final plenary session, expected at the end of this month. The constitutional specifics, or proposals, are aimed at professionalizing the country’s military, security and intelligence forces.
Army, Security Group discusses final report
/ 22 September 2013
The NDC’s Army and Security Working Group has started discussing its final report, which will be presented to the final plenary session.