Independence of Special Entities

Members of the Independence of Special Entities Working Group will focus on discussing and proposing ways in which the rights of vulnerable segments of Yemeni society can be protected.

Working group committees will place a particular focus on investigating the quality of life and living conditions of particularly vulnerable groups, including children, minorities and displaced persons.

Obstacles which stand in the way of adequate protections for citizens will be discussed, and a thorough investigation of gaps and holes in current policies will be undertaken. From there, debates will center on reforming such policies and, where needed, on the development of alternative policies and new legislation.

A focus will also be placed on ensuring the independence of media organizations and supervisory institutions; in addition, matters such as religious endowments and alms obligations will be addressed.

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Group Leadership

Maeen Abdulmalik, Chairperson

Alawi Al-Mashhour, Vice Chairperson

Iman Al-Khateeb, Second Vice Chairperson

Fahd Salim Kafain, Rapporteur

Group Members

Amat Al-Salam Abdullah Abdu Al-Haj

Hamoud Hashem Abdullah Al-Dharhi

Saleh Hussein Ahmed Al-Madhab

Fahad Saleem Kvain Ravon

Kamila Yassin Qaed Al-Kotaibi

Samih Ali Nasseb Al-Wadhahi

Mohammad Ali Ajlan

Anwar Al-Jilani Ahmed Othman

Sabah Abdul Majeed Abdullah Hazza

Afef Abdul Rahim Mohammed Abdel Malek Al-Masani

Ahmed Othman Marrish

Baraka Fred Faraj Hydra

Ali Ahmed Hassan Mohammed

Saleha Faraj Hydra

Shakeeb Saed Hobaishi

Ali Saleh Al-Mukebli

Golan Ali Abdu Qasim

Khaled Ahmed Ali Al-Salami

Abdullah Ali Mohsen Ahmed

Mohamed Ibrahim Seddon

Wahiba Ahmed Sabra

Hussein Mansour Saeed Saif

Dina Ahmed Abdul Bari Mohammed

Rima Hussain Ahmed Awad

Selmi Abdullah al-Masabi

Samra'a Hussein Muslim Al-Menhali

Sharaf Ali Ahmed Al-Kulaisi

Saleh Thabet Ahmed Al-Kadhi

Abdul Kader Mahdi Hadi al-Nefeli

Abdullah Ahmed Ghanem

Omar Hussein Qaed Megali

Magida Taleb Abdul Rab Al-Katheri

Mohammed Rajeh Mosaad Al-Arasi

Mohammed Ayash Mohammed Qohim

Mohammed Abdullah Saleh Al-Mahrabi

Maha Saleh Abdullah Al-Baesi

Nasser Mohammed Ali Ba Jeel

Nabil Abdullah Ali al-Wazer

Aboud Yahya Sharian Abu Luhom

Mohammad Ali Ghaleb Al-Qadhi

Mohammed Saleh Saleh Al-Bokheti

Mohammed Saleh Karea

Basil Abdul Rahman Al-Salami

Hadi Ahmed Ali Al-Qanisi

Mohammed bin Naji Al-Ghader

Ahmed Mohammed Massad Al-Qardai

Omar Abdul Aziz

Abdul Kadir Ali Hilal

Adnan Omar Al-Jefari

Alawi Ali Abu Baker Al-Mashhoor

Hamid Abdullah Hussein Al-Ahmar

Ali Ahmed Al-Salami

Mohamed Mansour Abdullah

Afrah Saeed Ahmed Saeed

Bassem Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al-Hakimi

Magdi Nakeeb Mohsen Ali

Mohammed Nasser Ahmed Al-Mokbili

Maaen Abdul Malek Saeed Abdo

Iman Gafan Ahmed Ghalib

Iman Shaef Qasim Al-Khateeb

Shifaia Mohammed Saleh Raban

Nadia Yahya Hussein Al-Kawkbani

Warda Hajam Abdo Suleiman Qasera

Tariq Najeeb Ahmed al-Basha

Abdul Malik Ahmed Humaid Al-Suwaidi

Mohammad Qasim Numan

Mohammed Mohammed Bashir

Wafaa Hussein Al-Faeq

Yusif Abdo Mohammed Al-Karimi

Waffaa Ali Awad Al-Najjar

Latest News

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/ 19 September 2013
The NDC’s Independence of Special Entities Working Group on Thursday submitted its final report that will be presented at the final plenary
Independence of Special Entities Group forms mini-committee for comments on final report
/ 18 September 2013
The NDC’s Independence of Special Entities Working Group has formed a mini-committee to absorb comments of its members into its final report.
Independence of Special Entities group members review final report
/ 14 September 2013
On Saturday, members of the Independence of Special Entities Working Group began discussing their final report for the conference’s second phase. The report includes constitutional and legislative details and recommendations on a variety of subjects, including the media; civil service; religious...
NDC committee completes discussion of election-based constitutional details
/ 8 September 2013
On Sunday, members of the Independence of Special Entities Working Group drafting committee completed a discussion of potential constitutional details concerned with the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendums. The discussion focused on the importance of having a mechanism by which media organizations can be supervised during...
NDC committee discusses general guidelines for independent government institutions
/ 4 September 2013
On Wednesday, members of the Independence of Special Entities Working Group’s drafting committee discussed potential general guidelines for independently governed state institutions in Yemen. Included among the ideas which were discussed were limiting the number of leadership figures in such institutions to no more than seven...