Rights and Freedoms


Through its efforts, the NDC’s Rights and Freedoms Working Group will have a direct impact on how citizen rights and freedoms are reflected in Yemen’s new constitution.

The working group’s members will discuss and propose ways in which the constitution can guarantee or provide for equality among citizens, respect for diversity, and basic human rights. A special emphasis will be placed on providing for the rights of women, children, minorities, and vulnerable and marginalized groups.

As part of its efforts, the group will explore how constitutional provisions which guarantee citizen rights and freedoms are enforced in other nations. How Yemen’s current constitution - as well as the constitutions of other Arab nations - addresses such matters will also be reviewed in great detail.

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Group Leadership

Arwa Abdu Othman, Chairperson

Wafa’a Ismail, Vice Chairperson

No’man Al-Huthaifi, Second Chairperson

Majid Fadhayel, Rapporteur

Group Members

Elham Najib Saed Farea

Anis Hussein Ali Al Yacoub

Osan Mohammed Saed Ali Al-Salihi

Hadi Tarshan Abdullah Tarshan

Somia Abdul Ghani Qassem Al-Shargabi

Qasim Abdul Rahman Qasim Al-Maflahi

Mona Ali clib Ali

Hawyda Abbas Himt Ali

Hassan Mohamed Ahmed Yahya Al-Ahard

Adel Ali Abdu Omar

Abdel Nasser Abdel Qawi Naji Al-Arabi

Lisa Fadhel Obaid Saif

Ahmad Issa Ahmed Raevit

Sawsan Ramadan Ali Ba Sanebll

Saleh Omer Abdullah Shilil

Sediq Ali Salem Mohammed

Abdullah Naji Rashid

Aisha Abdullah Seylan

Mohammad Hadi Shoba

Wafa Ahmed Al-Khadher

Wafaa Abdel Fattah Ismail Ali

Walid Saleh Ahmed Saleh

Samia Abdel Rahman Al-Aghbari

Ali Mohammed Abdu Al-Sarari

Lula Abdul Karim Saleh

Motea Ahmed Kassem Damaj

Hana'a Ahmed Mohammed Warasma

Ibtisam Hashim Mohsen Sharaf Al-Din

Afrah Zaid Mohamed Oyon

Al-Sharif Mohammed Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman Al-Amir

Iman Yahya Mohsen Al-Nashiri

Ahmed Ahmed Mohsen Al-Nuerh

Sait Bakhit Saad al-Faqih Balhaf

Kebla Mohammed Saeed Hussein Al-Huthrey

Mohamed Ali Mohamed Yasser bin Yasser

Munira Abdul Karim Al-Awadi

Mahdi Ali Abdel Salam Abdullah

Nawal Mohammad Ali Aqili

Wafa Ahmed Abdullah Al-Doeis

Hiam Faisal Nasher Hassan

Amat al-Kodous Abudl Bari Mohammed Al-Gherbani

Amal Mohamed Ali Al-Makhedhi

Salah al-Din Abdel Fattah Saif Al-Sharabi

Ali Ahmed Ali Al-Asemi

Lamia Ahmed Abdul Rahman Sharaf Al-Din

Abdul Hamid Marzouq Saleh Al-Harthi

Hanaa Abdel Fattah Mokebel Saif

Balkis Ibrahim Al-Hadhrani

Radhwan Mohamed Abdul Malik Al-Hubani

Zaid Ali Ali Salah

Nora Ahmed Ali Al-Shami

Ali Hussein Abdul Rahman Al-Bjeeri

Alwof Saed Ba Khabayrh

Ahmad Mohammad Qasim Atiq

Jamil Abdul Majeed Thabit

Hussein Abdu Abdullah Mohamed Al-Haddad

Taha Mohammed Al-Hemiari

Othman Mohamed Abdullah Al-Selwai

Fares Ali Ahmad Al-Saqqaf

Mohamed Mohsen Abdullah Atrosh

Nabila Abdullah bin Abdullah

Numan Qaed Al-Hudhefi

Zaid Ali Zaid Al-Salami

Awad Mohamed Al-Abd Al-Awthani

Lisa Mohammad Ahmad Haidar

Majid Ali Ahmed Fadheal

Munir Ahmad Sufian Saleh

Heba Mohamed Ahmed Morshed

Ihsan Obaid Saead Saed

Arwa Abdo Othman Al-Areqi

Amira Hussein Hammoud Al-Zaidi

Entlaq Mohammad Abdul Malik Al-Mutawakkil

Hanan Mohammed Salam Ali

Neama Moawen Saed Ahmed

Ahmed bin Ahmad Al-Zoukri

Ahmed Saed Abdu

Hussein Nasher Ali Nasher

Abdullah Nasher Morshed

Watheq Ahmed Mohammed Shadheli

Yassin Mohamed Al-Messaoudi

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