NDC committee discusses general guidelines for independent government institutions

4 September 2013 /

On Wednesday, members of the Independence of Special Entities Working Group’s drafting committee discussed potential general guidelines for independently governed state institutions in Yemen.

Included among the ideas which were discussed were limiting the number of leadership figures in such institutions to no more than seven individuals who are specialists in relevant fields. In addition, the committee members spoke about requiring candidates for these leadership positions to have demonstrable competence, integrity and experience, with an added stipulation that while filling such positions, they must not hold positions in other state institutions.

It was further suggested that term for such positions be limited to five years with the possibility of one term renewal, and also that women should fill at least 30% of positions in the independent state institutions.

The committee plans to recommend that periodical evaluations of the institutions’ performance be undertaken; such a move would also include the formation of independent oversight bodies which in some cases would replace certain government ministries.

Specialists at closed ministries would then be distributed to the independent government institutions, while other ministry employees would be assigned to various public organizations.



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