NDC committee completes discussion of election-based constitutional details

8 September 2013 /

On Sunday, members of the Independence of Special Entities Working Group drafting committee completed a discussion of potential constitutional details concerned with the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendums.

The discussion focused on the importance of having a mechanism by which media organizations can be supervised during election seasons as part of efforts to ensure that they are conducting their work in an impartial manner and not serving the special interests of political parties.

Furthermore, the committee addressed various other matters, including instituting a cap on funds which can be allocated for election campaigns, supervision of the commission which deals with the spending of public and private funds by candidates, and preventing the use of illegally-obtained funds in election campaigns.

The committee stressed the importance of modernizing the methods used to keep records of elections and of allowing the commission to choose both its own staff and who will serve on central and oversight committees.

It was added that members of all electoral committees should be selected in accordance with standards of integrity, competence, independence and impartiality.

The committee also recommended that a workshop be organized to facilitate a discussion of the creation of a commission body tasked with oversight of election campaigns and spending.




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