NDC Secretary General urges conference members to complete activities on time

14 September 2013 /

On Saturday, NDC Secretary General Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak urged all conference members to focus and complete their working group discussions in accordance with the NDC’s timeframe.

While attending a portion of the National Issues and Transitional Justice Working Group’s Saturday meeting, bin Mubarak said, “Time is running out and we should not prolong the dialogue conference; if the NDC is prolonged, this will be directly reflected in the implementation of its impatiently awaited outcomes.”

“The NDC has seen major political and technical developments in the past three weeks and there was a consensus among all NDC members to not vote on any outcomes except until after their Southern delegates had returned,” he said. 

“Once all of the working groups’ final reports have been finalized, the NDC’s members will need to reach a consensus on them and then refer the reports to the Consensus Committee, which will include the respective reports in the NDC’s final report,” he said, before pointing out that “unresolved points will be addressed by the committee.”

At the same time, the National Issues and Transitional Justice group’s subcommittee continued to discuss the a draft of the final report, paying special attention to details of planned transitional justice legislation.





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