NDC Working Group hosts executive director of Hadhramout & Mahra Rebuilding Fund

15 September 2013 /

On Sunday, the NDC’s Development Working Group hosted Abdullah Motafi, the Executive Director of the Hadhramaut and Mahra Rebuilding Fund.

Motafi provided the group’s members with a detailed description of the fund’s activities and achievements, as well as challenges it has faced while carrying out rebuilding efforts in Hadhramout and Mahra governorates.

Heavy rains hit the two governorates in 2008 and floods destroyed thousands of homes and other local properties. A number of citizens were killed or wounded, while others went missing and were later pronounced dead.

Motafi stated that losses resulting from the flood were estimated by international organizations and state committees to have reached approximately $1.8 billion.

When it was introduced, the finance ministry allocated around $200 million for the fund; among the fund’s early achievements was the rehabilitation of five thousand homes.

The fund also provided for the construction of 2000 new houses for 20,000 citizens. Additionally, the fund was behind the distribution of 75,000 palm seedlings in the two governorates.

Furthermore, Motafi reviewed different ideas concerning the best ways to respond to future flood disasters, including the use of early warning systems and the establishment of a state rebuilding fund.

Speaking about the main challenges which face the fund, he said delayed funds continue to represent the biggest obstacle to carrying out key activities.




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