Development Group votes, approves 310 NDC outcomes

18 September 2013 /

The NDC's Development Working Group voted on legal and constitutional specifics of its subcommittees on Wednesday.

Members of the group approved 310 outcomes (specifics and decisions and recommendations), including 185 decisions prepared by the subcommittees on economic development and the role of the state on sectoral and short-term and medium-term economic development.

They also included 31 decisions concerning educational essentials, and 42 concerning general policies for education and human development. The remaining decisions included 15 constitutional requestsand 94 proposed general policies for cultural, social and political development, as well as 14 decisions and 55 constitutional requests and general policy proposals concerning the improvement of healthcare services and systems.  

The members of the group will vote and reach a consensus on the remaining items on Thursday. These items will include two decisions on comprehensive development, two on educational and health development and six on economic development.



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