NDC Group approves 30-member constitution-drafting committee

18 September 2013 /

Members of the NDC's State-Building Working Group on Thursday consensually approved that the constitution-drafting committee will be comprisedof 30 members. They agreed that the committee should be committed to all constitutional essentials approved by the NDC.

Furthermore, they agreed that once the committee has been formed, it should select a chairperson, vice chairperson and rapporteur, issue bylaws and carry out its work in accordance with NDC outcomes.

At the meeting, the group's members discussed and agreed on the responsibilities of the constitution-drafting committee, which will be drafted by the mini-committee on related topics.


NDC committee amends previously approved potential solutions to Saada issue

On Thursday, the Solutions Subcommittee within the NDC's Saada Issue Working Group approved amendments to some of the previously approved potential solutions to the Saada issue.

Its members agreed to make amendments to the following items:

  • The government should be committed to implementing the outcomes of the Saada Issue Working Group through a package of transparent and impartial decisions to ensure fair solutions for all affected people from all parties without discrimination.
  • All citizens should enjoy the right of intellectual and sectarian freedoms and also the right to enjoy all individual freedoms regardless of the degree of influence of their sects. 
  • The government should approve state jobs for the Saada governorate and compensate it for jobs lost in the past because of the recent wars.
  • The government should compensate all those who were detained, imprisoned, tortured or harassed in any way and by any faction during the Saada wars.
  • The government should make an offering to the families of victims who suffered enforced disappearance after the families of martyrs, and should reveal the fates of all victims of enforced disappearance, whether dead or alive.
  • Essential points of the new constitution should be included in academic curricula at public and private schools without controversial issues regarding religious sects. A specialized high committee should be formed using members from all factions to prepare this curriculum. 

The committee has so far approved 54 potential solutions and guarantees on the implementation of solutions on the issue.



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