Independence of Special Entities (public institutions) Group submits final report

19 September 2013 /

The NDC’s Independence of Special Entities Working Group on Thursday submitted its final report that will be presented at the final plenary session. The report included 139 legal constitutional, 17 constitutional specifics and 75 recommendations concerning the group’s topics of independence of institutions and environmental and  social issues.

The outcomes were focused on ensuring the new constitution will enshrine clear, independent responsibilities of public institutions and having frameworks aimed at resolving the issues of revenge, khat, water, weapons spread, armed groups, environment and Aden refinery and port administration.

Among the constitutional specifics were those concerning the establishment high, independent bodies of media council, civil service, endowments,  zakat and fatwa as well as activating roles of supervisory apparatuses, higher education and scientific research authority, high standardization authority, Central Bank of Yemen, council for extractive industries transparency and medication council.

Furthermore, the group’s outcomes included recommendations for election commission, authority of political parties, civil society organizations, high youth council, women committee, handicapped committee, high maternal and child authority and human rights authority.



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