Army, Security Group discusses final report

22 September 2013 /

The NDC’s Army and Security Working Group has started discussing its final report, which will be presented to the final plenary session.

The report included outcomes of filed visits to military, security and intelligence systems in several Yemeni governorates and summaries of potential solutions to the problems observed at these sites.

The potential solutions will be presented as constitutional proposals for building national, professional armed and security forces.

The outcomes included constitutional specifics concerning the status of illegal terminations from the military and security institutions, the improvement of livelihoods of soldiers, the establishment of a high army council and the development of the Yemeni economical corporation. 

Furthermore, they included legal specifics focused on improving the judicial and security institutions, criminalizing child recruitment, updating curricula, improving healthcare, providing for families of martyrs and wounded and responsibilities of the intelligence and Border Guard.


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