Good Governance Working Group modifies specific in final report draft

29 September 2013 /

The NDC Good Governance Working Group on Sunday changed the previously approved legal specific, calling for communications privacy and freedom, to a constitutional specific.

The decision came after members of the group heard from the sub-committee tasked with making technical amendments to the group's final report. The sub-committee has so far reviewed 50 constitutional specifics and 88 legal specifics and will continue the review of other outcomes on Monday.

Last week, members of the group approved a final report draft that included 51 constitutional specifics, 162 legal specifics and 37 recommendations that dealt with essentials of foreign policy, the rule of law and competent administration.

They adjourned a decision on 19 other constitutional specifics regarding the future structure of the state and referred 4 controversial constitutional specifics and one recommendation to the Consensus Committee.


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