Military and Security Working Group approves final report

3 October 2013 /

Members of the NDC Military and Security Working Group approved the group’s final report on Thursday.

The final report included 20 constitutional specifics and 53 legal specifics, dealing with reforms of the country’s military, security and intelligence forces. 

The constitutional and legal specifics dealt with: illegal terminations, the Yemen Economic Corporation, arms trade, child recruitment, women empowerment, scientific research, the High Military Council and improvement of military and security forces’ quality of life.

Other constitutional and legal specifics proposed by the working group focused on judicial and security reforms, the prohibition of protests and sit-ins by military, security and intelligence forces, healthcare services at military and security institutions, support for martyrs and those injured in times of conflict, the restructuring of the country’s prisons, and the restructuring of the country’s retirement services, amongst other topics.

The legal specifics also concerned the possible merging of national security and political security institutions, supervision of intelligence institutions, the High Military Officers’ Committee and the obligation of military and security forces to respect the sacredness of people’s homes.


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