Saada Issue Working Group approves final report

9 November 2013 /

The Saada Issue Working Group approved its final report on Saturday which included 59 constitutional specifics and decisions. The group approved the submission of the report to the NDC Presidency.

The report was approved despite disapproval of the General People's Congress (GPC) and its allies.

Head of the working group's sub-committee, Abdulhamid Huraiz, said the completion of the report was a breakthrough.

"We wished the GPC and its allies could agree to the report so that our success [could] be perfect," Huraiz said.

The GPC and its allies had abstained from voting on the report because of the outcome of the post-NDC phase—a five-year transitional period under the current president and government before Yemen takes a new shape.

Ali Shayef, a member in the working group, said consensus was reached on 59 outcomes. One outcome was omitted because of the GPC and its allies.


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