NDC Good Governance Working Group approves new immunity, political isolation decision draft

11 November 2013 /

The Good Governance Working Group reached consensus on a new immunity and political isolation decision draft on Monday. The new draft included requirements or conditions for candidates for the positions of the president of the republic, premier, chiefs of legislative chambers, leaders of political parties and other top posts in the country.

It stipulated that the constitution shall include an article for the conditions to hold the above posts as follows:
A candidate should be Muslim, born to Yemeni parents, not married to a foreigner, not hold citizenship in a foreign country and must hold a college degree. Other conditions stipulated that a candidate for any of the above positions shall not be less than 40 years old, not serve any of the positions for more than two consecutive terms, shall have a criminal free record, be a non-military person and shall not have business interests while in the position.

NDC Vice President Yasin Noman hailed the new draft, which reached consensus after hard discussions.
NDC Secretary General Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak said the new draft was a breakthrough.

"It takes Yemen to the future—not back to the past, and will lay the groundwork for good governance," he said.


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