NDC State-Building Working Group Completes Discussing its Final Report

24 December 2013 /

Members of the NDC State-Building working group completed on Thursday the discussion of the group's final report after adopting notes and recommendations of the group's members.

The group is expected to vote on the final report on Wednesday.

NDC Secretary General Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak during the meeting briefed the group's members on the meeting of 16 Sub-Committee of the Southern Issue and the signing of the document of “just solution.”

He said that the agreement was reached by a consensus of the members of the 16 Sub-Committee on the document which was signed in the attendance of President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi and United Nations Envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar.

He pointed out that the document provides for the creation of a new federal state, outlines principles that will guide its formation, and stipulates a special arrangement for Southern representation in the executive, legislative and judicial branches, as well as in the civil service.

The document also underlined the comprehensive and just solution to the Southern Issue within the framework of a unified state based on federal and democratic foundations.

In related news, the State-Building working group's chairperson, Mohamed Marem, described the signing of the agreement as a great national achievement. "History will register this accomplishment for all members of the NDC who form an elite group in their success,'' he added.

He mentioned in a statement to the NDC Media Center that the issues and challenges were huge, but NDC members were bigger than all those challenges.


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