NDC Third Plenary Session Continues Hearing Comments on the State-Building Working Group's Final Report

31 December 2013 /

The NDC third plenary session continued on Tuesday to hear comments on the State-Building Working Group's final report in a meeting headed by NDC Vice President Abdul-Kareem Al-Eryani. The report was presented on Sunday.

Notes said that Yemen’s political system should be democratic and based on political pluralism, thereby ensuring peaceful power successions. It also forbade the use of houses of worship for political reasons.

Political components accentuated in their notes the importance of clarifying the conditions to choose the president, prime minister, supreme judiciary council, and members of the house of representatives, along with the presidents of regions if the structure of the state is a federal, multi-regional state.

Notes also confirmed that no parties should be formed on sectarian or racial bases and that the government is the only entity which is entitled to have armed forces developed for national, not special interests.

Notes also talked about the achievement of economic balance among all social groups, the encouragement of individual initiatives and entrepreneurs, and the idea that economic policies should be dependent on systematic planning if optimal benefits are to be obtained from national resources, improving Yemen’s investment climate, and from the use of lawful contracts as a basis for the exploitation of national energy resources.


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