NDC Third Plenary Session Reviews Final Report of National Issues and Transitional Justice

1 January 2014 /

The NDC third plenary session continued its work on Wednesday in a meeting lead by NDC Vice President Sultan al-Atwani.

Today's session was divided into two parts. The first one included responses from the NDC State-Building Working Group's chairperson, Mohamed Marem, on notes and recommendations of political and social components on the group's final report.

In the second part NDC members heard a review on the first part of the National Issues and Transitional Justice Working Group's final report.

NDC Vice President Sultan al-Atwani during the session congratulated all NDC members on the occasion of the New Year, calling on everyone to stand firmly against all acts of terrorism, violence, and acts of sabotage that affect and harm the national economy.

Al-Atwani reviewed stages which the final report of Transitional Justice is working on, along with the voting mechanism followed by the group's members to approve the final report.

Meanwhile, the chairperson of the NDC National Issues and Transitional Justice Working Group Abdulbari Dughaish reviewed the first part of the group's members in order to complete the second part on Saturday.

Dughaish pointed to concerted efforts made by the group's members to produce this report, praising the interaction of its members which shown a keenness to get the country out of its crisis.

He said that the group began its tasks on July 13 by preparing plans for sub-committees in July and August 2013. He explained that those plans aim to complete setting up legal and constitutional specifics, essentials, and recommendations in order to achieve the transitional justice and national reconciliation based on a clear mechanism.

The session reviewed 44 legal and constitutional specifics and essentials within the final report, while the other decisions are expected to be reviewed on Saturday.


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