NDC Members Praise Final Report of Transitional Justice Working Group

4 January 2014 /

NDC members highly valued the final report of the NDC National Issues and Transitional Justice Working Group presented on Saturday to the NDC Third Plenary Session. They also praised all efforts made by the group's members which reached an historic consensus.

Members considered the final report to be an important step that paves the way for the project of building a modern civil national state in Yemen and for moving forward a new convention that differs from previous stages.

In a statement to the NDC Media Center, a number of NDC members representing various political components indicated that the report succeeded in creating a suitable environment  to handle the reasons of conflicts without returning to those previous conflicts.

They said that the final report takes into account all elements of implementing transitional justice and would form a basic legislation ground  and would help to create several laws in this regard.

"The presentation of the final report before the third plenary session was successful because the report addressed complicated issues,'' they said. They added that achieved a great consensus among the political factions in particular the General People's Congress, and the only remaining issue is the implementation of the final report's outcomes on the ground.


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