Third Plenary Session Continues Hearing Comments on Transitional Justice Working Group's Final Report

7 January 2014 /

The Third Plenary Session continued on Tuesday a meeting headed by NDC Vice President Yassin Makkawi, hearing comments from the Transitional Justice Working Group's chairperson Abdulbari Dughaish on notes of political components.

Dughaish confirmed that all notes of components will be addressed and will be taken into account. He pointed to great efforts made by the group's members during the preparation of the group's final report due to difficulty and sensitivity of topics that were discussed.

"This pioneer experiment will be a magnificent model in all areas that are witnessing political conflicts,'' Dughaish said.

He also talked about steps that will be followed after the NDC conclusion, assuring in this regard to all Yemeni people that the transitional justice body will be committed to accepting and handling all violations' files submitted by individuals or groups without any exception.

He pointed out that the final report of the NDC National Issues and Transitional Justice Working Group contained legal and constitutional specifics that handle all issues related to national issues whether in counter-terrorism, the recovery of public funds and properties that have been stolen due to corruption or issues of displaced, in addition to issues related to transitional issues that include enforced disappearances, the country’s various political conflicts, and human rights violations.

He also said that the Transitional Justice Working Group was committed to producing decisions in a society that is dominated by justice, reconciliation, equal citizenship, and reparation as well as the guarantees to not repeat those violations


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