NDC Secretary General: All Political Components Singed the Just Solution Document in Order to Solve the Southern Issue

8 January 2014 /

NDC Secretary General Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak announced on Wednesday that all political components participating in the NDC have signed the Just Solution document in order to solve the southern issue.

Bin Mubarak said in a statement to the NDC Media Center that all political and societal components of the NDC represented by the General People's Congress had completed on Wednesday the signing of the Just Solution document to solve the southern issue.

"All political and societal components singed the document without any exception,'' bin Mubarak said.

He highly valued the keenness of all components to make the NDC a success with its outcomes to establish a new Yemen. He added that the document was signed by representatives of the General People's Congress and its allies along with the Rashad Party Union and representatives of women and civil society organizations.

He praised efforts made by President Hadi to reach the signing of the document, which represents a fair solution to the southern issue and creates the start of building a new national Yemen.

"I can assure all Yemeni people that the NDC reached its final station with unprecedented success, and there is a broad consensus about the outcomes of NDC’s nine working groups,'' he said.


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