NDC Third Plenary Session Discusses Report on Yemeni Expatriates' Issues

8 January 2014 /

The NDC Third Plenary Session discussed on Wednesday an elaborate report on Yemeni expatriates' issues presented by the Ministry of Expatriate Affairs in a session headed by Vice President Sultan al-Atwani.

Notes stressed the importance of reconsidering all laws concerning Yemeni expatriates as well as setting a database for Yemenis who want to work abroad.

Notes also addressed the shortcoming of Yemeni embassies and consulates abroad in their roles in taking care of Yemenis. They also demanded adopting quick procedures to handle issues of expatriate coming from Saudi Arabia in recent months.

Minister for Expatriate Affaires Mujahid al-Quhali replied to the notes, underlining the need to include issues of Yemeni expatriates abroad in the NDC outcomes.


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