Group of Ten Countries Sponsoring Gulf Initiative Welcome Signing of Just Solution Document to Solve Southern Issue

9 January 2014 /

In a statement to state-run Saba News Agency, the ten countries sponsoring the Gulf initiative representing the five permanent members of the Security Council, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the European Union, welcomed on Thursday the signing of the Just Solution to solve the southern issue, signed by the political components participating in the NDC. They also welcomed the important clarifications of the NDC Presidency on January 7.

The group of ten countries said in the statement that the consensus reached by all NDC components represents an essential push and advanced step towards the NDC's success and towards the completion of the implementation of the remaining items of the Gulf initiative based on the Gulf initiative’s executive mechanism.

They expressed their hopes that the NDC final plenary session would hold a discussion on Yemen's file at the Security Council meeting on January 28,.

The statement also highly praised the spirit of cooperation and consensus among all NDC political components, saying that the group of ten countries would condemn any attempt aimed at hindering a political settlement in the country in accordance with the UN Security Council's resolutions.


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