NDC Secretary General: NDC Final Session Will be Held on January 25

13 January 2014 /

NDC Secretary General Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak said in an interview conducted by al-Saeeda Channel that the National Dialogue Conference's final session would be held on January 25.

He added that the NDC conclusion ceremony would be attended by Arab and international guests.

Bin Mubarak praised concerted efforts made by President Hadi, the head of the NDC, saying that he had solved several problems facing the conference.

He also stated that the NDC faced a number of obstacles which aimed to impede its progress, commenting that through Yemeni wisdom we could overcome those challenges.

During the interview, he talked about a number of topics concerned with the southern issue which he considered a key issue related to all Yemen's others issues. He affirmed that the Just Solution document to solve the southern issue is a national document, highly praising the role of UN envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution No. 2051.

With regard to the Presidential statement related to the southern issue, he said that the NDC considered the statement a document of the NDC.

Talking about the post-NDC period, he said that "Following the NDC conclusion, committees would be formed to be tasked with drafting the nation's constitution, holding the referendum on it, and organizing the election.'' He also added that in this stage some bodies and entities in the state would be discussed, in addition to being tasked with completing some deferred tasks of the GCC-brokered deal or what has been decided upon during NDC sessions.

He indicated that there is a national consensus in order to adopt an executive package to implement the NDC outcomes, saying that Yemeni people are looking for real change and the progressive building of Yemen's new modern state.


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