NDC Secretary General Meets with World Bank's Manager in Yemen

14 January 2014 /

NDC Secretary General Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak met on Wednesday with the World Bank's Manager in Yemen Wael Zakout, where they reviewed the NDC final steps to conclude the conference on January 25.

Zakout expressed his admiration for what have been achieved by the NDC, saying this experiment would form a unique model in the whole world. 

The meeting also touched upon all kinds of support could be provided by WB to implement the NDC outcomes after the NDC conclusion. In this regard, Zakout expressed the WB's readiness to support all committee and bodies with various experts for the post-NDC period.

He said that donors' support is now focusing in two sides, in humanitarian support and assistance in improving Yemen's infrastructure, noting that this support must be changed to include capacity building to be aligned with requirements of the next stage.

Bin Mubarak expressed his thank to the WB for its continue support during the previous period, hoping that support would be continued during the coming stage. 


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