Preparations Underway for Closing Ceremony of NDC Conclusion

23 January 2014 /

The NDC's Deputy Secretary General Afrah Al-Zouba on Friday said that preparations for the closing ceremony of the NDC conclusion have begun in the capital city of Sanaa as well as other cities.

In a statement to the NDC Media Center, Al-Zouba said that the headquarters of the Secretariat General, the venue where the ceremony will be held and other offices tasked with technical and media production arrangements are working like bees to finalize all preparations for this event, which occupies a high position in the minds of all Yemeni people.

The ceremony will take place this Saturday.

"The preparations include logistic and technical requirements at the main venue for the ceremony, coordination with concerned governmental bodies in the capital and other cities and the production of media materials which will be shown in satellite channels and other media outlets," she said.

The media production materials on which employees and volunteers at the Secretariat General are working now include a documentary and the NDC Document, which will be distributed to the attendants and special guests who will come to the ceremony, she added.

"There are major efforts to hold this important ceremony properly, thanks to all employees and volunteers who have demonstrated their devotion for months to make the NDC a success," she concluded. 


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