US Congratulates Yemen on NDC Conclusion

25 January 2014 /

The United States urged Yemen on Saturday to complete its democratic transition by implementing constitutional reform and holding national elections in the near future.

"The United States congratulates the people of Yemen on the conclusion of their National Dialogue," State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf said.

"The debates, discussions and compromises throughout the National Dialogue process are evidence of the will of the Yemeni people to work together constructively for the future of their country".

She went on to say that the conclusion marked a critical milestone in the implementation of the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative and was the result of the dedication of the Yemeni people to see their democratic transition succeed.

“The United States remains firmly committed to supporting the Yemeni people and the government, under the leadership of President Hadi, as they work to implement the National Dialogue recommendations and subsequent stages of the transition process, including constitutional reform and national elections. We encourage all Yemenis to work in the spirit of compromise to advance stability, prosperity and security now and for future generations”.


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