Al-Zayani: Gulf Initiative Keeps Yemen Out of Civil War

6 February 2014 /

The Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) said on Wednesday that the Gulf initiative addressing Yemen's crisis has steered Yemen away from a potential civil war.

The Gulf initiative has paved the way for the political settlement and the peaceful transition of power in Yemen, stated Abdullatif al-Zayani in a lecture delivered at the National Defense College in the United Arab Emirates.

"The GCC States will continue to exert full efforts alongside regional and international parties to ensure the success of the political settlement in Yemen."

He pinned hopes that the Gulf initiative would become a good omen for a stable, unified, and prosperous Yemen.

Al-Zayani praised the support that the initiative has received from most regional and international states and organizations, including the UN Security Council, the Arab League (AL) and the European Union (EU).

"The GCC countries are stepping up cooperation to confront political, economic, security and social challenges and protect their security and stability,'' Al-Zayani said.

"The current challenges represent an opportunity for Arabian Gulf countries to further anchor their complementarity and bolster relations with other states and international blocs," he added in the lecture at the UAE National Defense College.

The GCC vision, he said, aims at achieving sustainable development and prosperity, meeting citizens’ aspirations and promoting education, health, housing and employment in addition to social services. He underlined the GCC strategic goals – collective security, economic growth, high-level human development, and efficient crisis management, in addition to enhancing the GCC’s regional and international standing.

He underlined the GCC’s pivotal role in advocating Arab and Islamic causes while promoting pan-Arabic and Islamic development. He reiterated the principled stance of the GCC member status, rejecting any regional or international hegemony on the Arabian Gulf region. "The GCC member states oppose any interference in their internal affairs," Al-Zayani said, stressing their firm belief in dialogue and renunciation of force and violence.


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