EU Lauds Yemen National Dialogue as Example for Region

10 February 2014 / Media center

The European Union has said that the success of the National Dialogue in Yemen "has set an example in the region" of an inclusive consultation process open to all and aimed at responding to the aspirations of the people.

The EU Foreign Affairs Council after a meeting on Monday in a statement said "this has closed an essential phase in Yemen's transition, implemented on the basis of the 2011 Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative.

"The country now has to focus on the subsequent steps of the constituent phase, which includes drafting a new constitution which preserves the unity, sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Yemen," it said.

The EU, however, reiterated its growing concern about the deteriorating security situation in Yemen and that more than half of the population is affected by the humanitarian crises and in need of some form of assistance.

In a separate statement, the Council congratulated Tunisia on its adoption of its new democratic constitution and reiterated its support for the transition process and for helping Tunisia in preparing for its upcoming elections.

"The stakeholders of Tunisian society have managed to react positively to internal political challenges and to take the initiative to implement a national dialogue tailored to its particular circumstances," it added.


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