Presidential Decree Determines Mechanism of Constitution-Drafting Committee

8 March 2014 / Media center

Presidential Decree No. 26 for 2014 was issued which determines the mechanisms for the Constitution-Drafting Committee.

The decree was issued in 39 articles and distributed into six chapters.

According to the decree, the committee would prepare a new constitution for the Republic of Yemen in a federal state, which would be composed of six regions in accordance with the final report of the committee tasked with determining the number of regions.

The decree also stipulated that the constitution drafting committee would be composed of 17 representatives. The committee's members should be independent and their work should be accurate and neutral and not reflecting any party and organization.

According to the decree, the committee should be finished drafting the new constitution and then put it to a referendum within one year.

The decree also stipulated that the NDC Secretariat Committee would continue its task of supporting the NDC outcomes and would provide technical, administrative, financial and media support to the Constitution Drafting Committee and to the national authority for monitoring the implementation of NDC outcomes. 

The Constitution Drafting Committee and the NDC Secretariat General would be dismissed as soon as they submit the new constitution. The new constitution becomes effective after the referendum. The new constitution would replace the Constitution of the Republic of Yemen of 1991 and amended in 2001, and would replace the initiative of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and its executive mechanism signed on November 23, 2011.


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