President receives federal constitution draft

7 January 2015 / NDS

The Constitution Draft Committee (CDC), led by Ismael al-Wazir, on Wednesday handed over an initial draft of the new constitution of the Federal State of Yemen to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

During his meeting with CDC members, Hadi expressed appreciation of the committee members' efforts. "Today, we achieved a great victory of the accomplishment of the new constitution initial draft, which represents a clear roadmap for the future of Yemen," Hadi said.

He added that the new constitution is reflecting the journey of the national dialogue, started in March 2013, which brought together all political and societal powers and components in the country to formulate this draft.

The President called on the members of the National Authority to Monitor the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) to start revising the draft to ensure its adherence to the principles agreed upon in the NDC document.

He also urged the National Authority to be punctual and to finish its revision as soon as possible, stressing "any delay will reflect negatively on the Yemeni people's security."

"The most important point in the new constitution is that Yemen will be transformed into a six-region federation as part of its political transition." The President underlined that the new system is better than the current one which exhausts all the country's capacities. "The new system will give each region the power to distribute its wealth and power among their residents fairly."

The federal system was agreed upon by the overwhelming majority in the country, the President said, adding "12 visions out of 14 submitted by the political parties in the national dialogue have adopted the federal system."

"There is no need for being afraid of federalism because there are many countries in the world adopt this system."

Hadi urged all powers in the country to adopt a rational media method and avoid all kinds of partisan, political, sectarian and regional provocation. 

"I called on media outlets to be committed to professional ethics, putting the interests of the country and the nation above other interests, staying away from incitement and rumors that damaged the reputation of Yemen," the President said.

Several issues related to the current situation in the country were touched upon in the meeting. The President concluded his speech by condemning the Police Academy terrorist attack. 

He said a republican decree will issue stipulating that the applicant students, who were killed in the attack, are to be assigned in the Interior Ministry as officers at the rank of Second Lieutenant, and the wounded ones at the rank of first class private.


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