Minister of NDC outcomes meets women sector representatives

12 January 2015 / NDS

The minister of NDC outcomes, Ghaleb Mutlak, had a meeting with the representatives ladies of the civil and women activities in which the women status within the implementation of the NDC outcomes discussed.

In the meeting, the minister clarified that the government will support the women till get all their rights within the NDC outcomes articles, pointing out that the government will raise the percentage of women and youth participation in making the political decision and holding the leadership posts according to the NDC outcomes.

The minister called the community corporations to focus in its efforts on raising the awareness of the community on the importance of the partnership between the man and women.

The representatives of the women sector stressed in the meeting on the necessity for the woman to claim for her rights in the future, and establish work groups to follow up with the decision makers to implement the NDC outcomes.


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