Meeting of NDS coordination in Abyan with the governor

13 January 2015 / NDS

In presence of the governor of Abyan, Jamal Al-Akel, and the undersecretary of Abyan local council and the general manager of Abyan media office, an extended meeting held with the coordinator of the National Dialogue Secretariat (NDS) coordinator in Abyan governorate and his team.

The meeting discussed several cases top of them the partnership development between the local council and the NDS, in addition to the media campaigns inaugurated by the NDS that focused on the awareness of all the community levels.

The NDS coordinator stressed on the necessity to activate the role played by the local authorities in supporting the transition phase especially in Abyan according to what this governorate witnessed.

The governor of Abyan expressed his readiness to afford all the facilities to execute the NDS activities in the coming period, stressing on his stand with the national deeds of the NDS teams during this critical period.


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