Consultative meeting to support cooperation between NDS and civil community orgs in Mahwit

20 January 2015 / NDS

With participation of local partners, the National Dialogue Secretariat (NDS) organized a consultative meeting of the civil society organizations in Al-Mahwit province.

The meeting targeted to enhance the social awareness work for support the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) outcomes as they are the only guarantee to the country out of its crises.

The NDS coordinator in Al-Mahwit province, Amat Al-Razaq Al-Karhi, pointed out that the meeting comes within the plans and the awareness programs that intended to enhance the community participation and the awareness of the importance to implement the NDC outocmes.

Al-Karhi said that the meeting was implemented with the participation of a huge number of political and media activists and representatives of organizations and youth initiatives in Al-Mahwit province within the activities and programs that intend to support the NDC outcomes.


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