The Secretary General of NDS got free

27 January 2015 / NDS

The secretary general of the national dialogue conference Dr. Ahmed Awadh Bin Mubarak has been set free today after being arrested by Huthies elements since 17 of current January.

The releasing of Dr. Ahmed Bin Mubarak witnessed wide welcome on the official and popular levels for his popularity and national stands and contributions in making the National Dailogue Conference a success.

From his side, the special envoy of the united nations to  Yemen Jamal Bin Omar expressed his happiness for the releasing of Dr. Bin Mubarak from Ansar Allah group, he said that this step will make the tension less and will enhance the dialogue.

Dr. Ahmed Bin Mubarak during his detention was isolated from all social surrounding and had no idea about the president and government resignations before being free today from Ansar Allah.


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