Statement of condolence and condemnation

18 March 2015 / NDS

In great pain and sadness, the National Dialogue Secretary received the news of murdering  the Yemeni journalist and human rights activist AbdulKarim al-Khiwani, member of the political bureau of Ansar  Allah (Houthies), and one of the representatives of the group Ansar Allah in the National Dialogue Conference, who was assassinated on Thursday afternoon in front of his home in the capital Sanaa in a terrorist incident cowardly took his life after gunmen opened fire on him.

As we express our great hurt for this great loss, we extend our sincere condolences to the family of the martyr and to all the Yemeni people, in which NDS emphasize s that this awful crime  will not stop the national project to build a civil modern country.

This day that the Yemeni people will not forget that it meets the fourth annual anniversary of the martyrs of Al-Karama Friday, and the anniversary of holding of the National Dialogue Conference,  which becomes the real starting of the gathering national project that its outcomes are the road map to accomplish the state of law and order.  


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