Astand of Women of Yemen to implement NDC outcomes and quick compromise to the crisis

20 February 2015 / NDS

The activists of Yemeni Women for Peace and equal citizenship met today in Sana'a the Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Special Adviser to Yemen Jamal Benomar, and representatives of political parties and components involved in the ongoing negotiations to resolve the current political crisis.

The activists handed over to the UN envoy and representatives of the political parties copy of the statement issued at the conclusion of the protest stand front of Movenpick Hotel to demand the political forces to agree on solutions fast to get Yemen out of the current crisis.

The UN envoy praised the points contained in the statement of the Yemeni activists, and he stressed that the representation of women increased by thirty percent, exactly as approved by the NDC outcomes reserved, despite the fact that some political parties try to circumvent this.

At the end of the stand, a statement was issued with a request from Yemeni Women rally for peace to the political parties in dialogue to come up with a political compromised quick solutions to get Yemen out of the current critical crisis and make Yemen interest as the first priority, in addition to the implementation of the NDC outcomes and with peace and partnership agreement, stressing on the importance of all parties to implement all the agreements as they are the bases for the comprehensive national project.


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