Community Outreach

The responsibilities of the Community Outreach Department include:

- Planning and developing media strategies based on various means of communication and the utilization of the media department.

- Adopting strategic communications approaches when it comes to various conference issues.

- Continuing to provide promotional support for the NDC and reflecting a positive picture of the conference in accordance with the NDC Secretariat General’s policies.

- Preparing a variety of media advertising and promotional messages, including brochures, reports and banners to discuss issues related to the NDC while taking into account which societal segments are being targeted.

- Organizing activities and workshops and ensuring that media coverage of the conference is conducted in transparent and comprehensive manners.

- Establishing communication links with all Yemeni societal segments.

- Managing publications and producing NDC promotional materials.

- Finding new ways to establish communication links with targeted societal segments.

- Assisting the director of the Communication and Media Department in efforts to promote media coverage of working group aims and activities.

- Developing strategies for public awareness campaigns and activities based on components’ NDC involvement.



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