Conference Topics


The NDC Technical Committee identified the following topics and subtopics as those which must be discussed at the conference:


Southern Issue

•   Roots of the southern problem

•   Content of the southern problem

•   Methods of solving the southern problem

•   Ensuring that what happened does not recur


Sa‘ada Issue      

•   Roots of the problem

•   Content of the problem

•   Ways of addressing the problem

•   Ensuring that what happened does not recur


National Issues

•   Problems of displaced persons and ways of addressing them

•   Recovery of property and land in Yemen and abroad that was seized by force due to the abuse of power

•   Combating of terrorism


National Reconciliation and Transitional Justice              

•   Previous political conflicts and rights violations relating to them

•   Issues and rights of persons in forced hiding

•   Violations of human rights that occurred in 2011


State-Building (Principles and Foundations of Constitution)      

•   Identity of the state

•   Form of the state

•   System of government in the state

•   Electoral system

•   Legislative authority

•   Judicial authority

•   Administrative system


Good governance           

•   Rule of law

•   Balance of authority and responsibility

•   Enforcement of accountability and transparency

•   Achievement of justice and equality

•   Combating of corruption

•   Equal opportunity among citizens

•   Expansion of popular participation

•   Competence of the public administration

•   Role of civil society organizations

•   Role of parties

•   Foundations of foreign policy


Foundations for Building - and the Role of – the Armed and Security Forces      

•   The national and professional foundations for building the Army

•   Compatibility of the outcomes of the restructuring of the Army with these foundations

•   The role of the Army in political life

•   The Security Organization as a civil entity


Independence of Special Entities           

•   Civil Service

•   The media

•   Religious endowments

•   Alms obligations

•   Human rights (semi-official)

•   Office of the Grand Mufti

•   Supervisory agencies

•   Affairs of parties

•   Organizations specific to groups (youth, women, etc.)


Rights and Freedoms    

•   General rights and freedoms (political, civil, economic, social, cultural ideological and sectarian)

•   Special rights and freedoms (women, youth, children/marriage of minors, marginalized persons, persons with special needs, expatriates, minorities, displaced persons and refugees)


Development (Comprehensive, Integrated and Sustainable)    

•   Economic

•   Cultural

•   Educational

•   Human

•   Health

•   Social

•   Political

•   Role of the state and private sector, civil society organizations and individuals in development

•   Rationalization of the use of resources

•   External support for development


Special Social and Environmental Issues              

•   Revenge

•   Weapons

•   Armed outlaw groups

•   Qat

•   Diversity and tolerance

•   Water and the environment


Formation of Committee to Draft Constitution 

•   Criteria for membership and representation

•   Selection method

•   Specification of the duties and operating mechanism of the committee


Assurance of Successful Implementation of Conference Outcomes       

•   Formation of a National Dialogue Conference committee representing all participating constituencies to monitor the implementation of the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference (it is recommended that the reconciliation committee serve this function)

•   The authority of the elected House of Representatives to monitor and supervise, and the new government's responsibility in respect to implementation

•   Long-term national partnership

•   Code of ethics

•   United Nations guarantees

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