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Status Update (May 3, 2013):  NDC Trust Fund nearing target of $23.1 million

Of the $23.1 million which was budgeted for the Yemen National Dialogue and Constitutional Reform Trust Fund (YNDCRTF), it is currently anticipated that $18 million worth of contributions will be received.

Efforts to bridge the gap between the amount of expected contributions and the full $23.1 million budgeted for the YNDCRTF have included fundraising efforts by United Nations Special Advisor to Yemen Jamal Benomar, who has continued to speak with representatives of foreign governments for this purpose.

Following a recent YNDCRTF Steering Committee meeting, it was announced that the European Union intends to pledge €1.5 million to the fund. Contributions are also expected to be made by Turkey and Germany.  Meanwhile, Norway and Finland have also expressed interest in making contributions.

A total of $9.82 million – of which $4.28 million has been transferred to participating United Nations organizations – has so far been deposited into the fund.

Thus far, significant contributions to the YNDCRTF have come from the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development ($5.69 million) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation ($4.52 million).

Denmark is credited with being both the first to pledge - and then deposit money – to the YNDCRTF, thus effectively getting the ball rolling in terms of contributions to the fund. Both Denmark’s pledge and its ensuing deposit came in December 2012.

An official document available on the UNDP’s ‘Trust Fund Factsheet for Yemen’ webpage outlines the division of the targeted budget amount of $23.1 million as follows:

“Of this [$23.1 million] $15.1m is to finance the Secretariat and Conference, the implementing partner for this is UNOPS; and the remainder is for coordination of the programme (UNDPA) and outreach to key groups such as women (UNFPA/UN Women), adolescents (UNICEF), Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) (UNHCR), minorities (OHCHR), and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)/media (UNDP).”


Status of Yemeni Gov’t payments to NDC members

In terms of NDC funding from the Yemeni government, the Conference Secretariat General announced this past Friday that YR 243,728,755 had been distributed among the 565 members of the National Dialogue Conference from March 18 to April 5 of this year.

Funds were distributed to the members when they first arrived at the Movenpick Hotel in mid-March; subsequent payments were made via transfers to the members’ bank accounts.

The financial report also stated that the financial dues had so far been disbursed in five installments: the first on March 9th, for YR 53,230,900. The second installment came on March 28th and amounted to YR 43,700,000. The third, on April 1st, was for YR 29,490,000.

The fourth installment, for travel allowances, came on on April 3rd and amounted to YR 7,700,036. The most recent installment, which was transferred to member bank accounts on April 10th, totaled YR 110, 800,900.


The United Nations Development Programme's NDC Trust Fund Factsheet website is frequently updated and viewable using the following link:

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