Information Technology (IT) Department



The IT Department specializes in information technology management and system development for the National Dialogue Conference. Its responsibilities include the following:

1) Linking the Secretariat General’s network with the internet and foreign networks.

2) Providing conference email services.

3) Developing and constantly updating the NDC website.

4) Installing and testing communications devices and equipment.

5) Supervising the network and responding to any errors or malfunctions.

6) Supervising and performing maintenance on links between various networks, connections, and pieces of equipment.

7) Implementing security systems for all internal networks and internet connections, providing thorough safeguards against hackers.

8) Providing technical support and maintenance of computers, printers and scanners.

9) Providing technical support for NDC computer users, systems and software.

10) Installing and preparing data backup systems.

11) Making constant adjustments to operations systems to provide for maximum performance levels.

12) Providing instructions on safety procedures.

13) Proposing and implementing projects, as well as providing IT solutions, for the NDC Secretariat General.

14) Regularly evaluating and improving the performance of NDC information systems.

15) Managing an NDC database at the Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministry, and updating servers, performing maintenance work, and repairs there.



IT Department Director:  Nashaet Noor Al-Hebeshi


Department sections:

1) Development and Software Section - Includes responsibility for the official NDC website, E-mail Services, Human Resources  & Delegates Relations System and  the NDC’s electronic voting system.

Section team:

Ghamdan Saleh  Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Yahya Al-Dhawi - Web Master & E-Document Controller

Rasam Saleh      IT Systems Engineers & IT Support


2) Networks and Maintenance Section – Responsible for connecting sections and providing online services, computer and network maintenance, as well as technical support for users.

Section team:

Mohamed Lutf

Mohamed Saifan


The section’s main tasks include the following:

1) Developing a technological information strategy for the NDC Secretariat General.

2) Developing policies and technological information procedures.

3) Creating executive plans for the management of the IT Department.

4) Managing information technology initiatives.

5) Developing systems by which services can be automatically provided to the NDC Secretariat General.

6) Constructing, managing and operating information technology applications, as well as networks and databases.

7) Providing technology information services to users.




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