Communications and Media Department


The responsibilities of the NDC Communications and Media Department include the following:

1) Providing press releases to journalists and media outlets.

2) Participating in the organizing of media-related activities, seminars, and workshops.

3) Coordinating coverage of NDC events with media institutions.

4) Organizing interviews and press releases.

5) Monitoring the output of NDC-related items by media outlets.


Media Observation Section

1) Documenting what has been published about the NDC in print and electronic media.

2) Monitoring of radio and television broadcasts by state-owned media outlets.

3) Monitoring NDC-related social media activity.


Editorial Section

1) Editing daily press coverage of NDC activities.

2) Editing and publishing conference news items and uploading this content to official NDC and social media websites.

3) Preparing press releases and reports in Arabic and English.

4) Analyzing NDC-related information published by media outlets.

5) Management of daily conference news reports and bulletins.

6) Preparing English language content for the official NDC website.


Social Media Section

1) Posting on and uploading content to social media websites.

2) Providing daily news coverage of all conference activities.

3) Uploading daily photos and videos from daily activities at the NDC.

4) Simultaneously uploading Arabic and English language content to social media sites.

5) Uploading all NDC documents and statements.

6) Writing poll questions for the NDC website.




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