Human Resources (HR) Department


Human Resources Department


1) Recruiting and hiring competent individuals using best hiring practices and procedures.

2) Preparing and adjusting employee contracts.

3) Establishing a database for Secretariat General employees (all contract types) and adjusting employee records as needed.

4) Conveying Human Resources Department policies to all employees.

5) Monitoring and keeping records of employees’ attendance, absences and vacations.

6) Managing and releasing employees’ monthly salaries.

7) Managing employee benefits and bonuses.

8) Evaluating and helping to improve employees’ performance, as well as ensuring that employees produce high quality output.

9) Arranging social activities to enhance employees’ ability to work well together.

10) Completing end of contract procedures. 


HR Team:

Suhair Aqlan—Manager

Najiba Al-Najar—Secretary

Nawal Al-Masoudi

Sara Abdulqawi

Akram Al-Mihwashi

Ali Hamza


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