International Cooperation and Technical Support Unit


Part of the NDC Secretariat General, the International Cooperation and Technical Assistance Department is responsible for providing technical assistance to the nine NDC working groups. The department is also responsible for maintaining effective communication with donor nations and organizations which provide aid to the NDC, as well as with the international community in general.

The department works to attract Yemeni and foreign experts, consultants and facilitators to the conference. At the same time, members of the department prepare papers on NDC issues and organize training courses and workshops based on working group efforts and activities.

With the aim of providing NDC members with needed information and statistics, the department works in coordination with government ministries and authorities, organizations, and unions.

Furthermore, the department provides qualified individuals to lead and facilitate working group discussions and performs technical evaluations of working group efforts to monitor the implementation of work plans. Having performed these evaluations, department members prepare detailed reports.

The department coordinates workshops and training courses based on the needs of working groups, thereby contributing to the improvement of members’ skills and ability to handle and address conference topics.

With regard to international cooperation, the department makes contact with and coordinates efforts with donor countries and organizations which provide support for the NDC. It also coordinates with the office of United Nations Special Advisor to Yemen Jamal Benomar and the ambassadors of the ten nations which sponsored the Gulf Cooperation Council initiative which underlies Yemen’s political transition process.

In this regard, the International Cooperation and Technical Assistance Department holds periodic consultative meetings with ambassadors, international donors and the representatives of local and foreign non-governmental organizations to brief them on NDC activity.

Moreover, members of the department contact international observers to facilitate all arrangements for their attendance at NDC working group meetings.

The department also plays a role in publicizing the Secretariat General’s efforts and actions.



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